We have added a new feature to the Google earth export. You can now playback your flight and show the elevation profile. Use it to check flying levels in circuit, altitude drop in steep turns or to compare several touch and go circuits.

How it works:

Open the WINGMATE file with Google earth (or save the file on your computer and double click).

  • – Use the slider in the left top corner to playback the flight. (see left picture)
  • – Move your mouse on the trace – make sure the mouse pointer has changed from the hand icon to an arrow. Right click and from the menu that appears select: Show elevation profile.The elevation profile will appear at the bottom of the screen. The profile shows both elevation and speed (please note: NOT airspeed). When moving over the elevation profile a red arrow will indicate the position on the track. (see right picture)

To try it yourself click Playback in Google earth and open the file with Google earth.

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