WINGMATE Flight Recorder

Wingmate Data ManagerWINGMATE Flight Recorder is best described as a black box for light airplanes. It records relevant flight data directly to an SD memory card. The Flight Recorder is currently available in two configurations.

The Standard unit provides six degrees of freedom data logging using three axis accelerometers and three axis MEMS gyroscopes. The in-built GPS unit provides global position and speed.

The Flight Recorder Plus unit is designed to connect to your plane’s Dynon EFIS, and will record additional sensor data generated from the Electronic Flight Information System depending on setup and instrumentation.

WINGMATE Flight Recorder records directly to an SD card making data transfer to a PC simple and easy. All you have to do is open it into the WINGMATE Data Viewer and you can start to analyse your flight immediately.

The WINGMATE Data Viewer presents a flight report containing a list of typical flight quality indicators, such as take off performance and landing quality.

The Data Viewer also displays all the sensor traces so you can analyse the data yourself.

WINGMATE Flight Recorder units are easy to install, requiring only a 12 Volt power point. The power lead and antenna are included.

There are currently two versions of the WINGMATE Flight Recorder available.

WINGMATE Flight Recorder Standard

Supplied with standard power lead. Please contact us if you require a different connection plug.

WINGMATE Flight Recorder Plus (connects to EFIS)

In addition to all standard features, this version supports connection to a Dynon EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) glass cockpit.

Supplied with standard power lead and EFIS connection lead. Please contact us if you require different connection plugs.

 Standard Plus
Connects to Dynon EFIS check
Recorded data
Lateral, Longitudinal and Vertical  accelerations check check
Yaw, Pitch and Roll check check
Speed check check
Heading check check
Altitude check check
Angle of attack check*
Turn Rate check*
VSI check*
Airspeed check*
Pressure altitude check*
Power supply 9 to 34 volt
Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Serial bus (connects to EFIS) check
2 GB SD card check check
Dimensions W x H x D 103 x 53 x 120 mm
Export to Google Earth check check
Min and max of all sensors check check
Landing report Standard Extended
Take off report Standard Extended
Zoom functions check check
Trace selection check check

* Providing relevant sensor is connected to EFIS



WINGMATE Data Viewer displays accelerometers, gyro sensors and GPS data traces so pilots can analyse the data for themselves. In addition the pilot can overlay each flight onto Google Earth to show the exact flight path.


Google Earth Overlay

This screen capture shows how the WINGMATE Data Manager can overlay flight data onto Google Earth. Data captured also includes the landing report.

Flight Report Data

WINGMATE’s Report Screen includes information such as take-off and landing analysis results as well as a series of maximum and minimum trace data recorded from the in-built sensors.

Standard Sensor Traces

The Standard WINGMATE module provides traces for Acceleration, Gyro, Speed and Heading data.

EFIS Sensor Traces

If used in conjunction with an Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS), WINGMATE can record additional sensor data as displayed in this screen capture.

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